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Sharing your years of knowledge can open up a world of lifestyle freedom & provide income while helping others succeed

Second Momentum



Why? Because I've been exactly where you are now.

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Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You have amazing knowledge & skills you've learned over time
  • You're somewhere smack dab​​​​ in the middle of life and ready for a change
  • You've worked for years in a 9-5 w​​​​orld and still feel unfulfilled
  • You've set aside a dream to someday run your own business
  • You'd like to start working a side hustle to earn extra income
  • You've never heard of a funnel or a lead magnet and an avatar is the name of a movie
  • You often feel overwhelmed by all the technology (so.much.stuff.)
  • You're ready for a new journey and don't know how to start

It took me years of contemplating, listening, learning and procrastinating before I took the leap and decided to become my own boss, and those are years I won't get back. But you, my friend, have the opportunity right here, right now.

Thrive, Build & Grow

You Have Knowledge & Experience the World is Waiting For

second momentum is a perfect fit if you are...

..already Retired

Good for you! You're already among the ranks who have pulled the plug on your 9-5 job. You still have that burning desire to start a business you're passionate about or could make a difference serving others.

..Almost Retired

Retirement is so close you can taste it, but you need a transition plan before cutting off your main source of income. Now is the time to start building your own business to turn that possibility into a reality.

..ready for a Side Income

In need of a little side hustle to make more money? If you already have a job you're crazy about, maybe you just need a little more income for a vacation, new home or just to have a nice nest egg in the bank.

Discover & Learn

The Type of Business That's Perfect For YOU

Here you'll find the perfect mix of what you know, what you're passionate about and what customers want. We'll take a deep dive into finding the right combination to make your online venture work in your favor. There are no rules when selecting the right business model, so imagine what it would be like to get up every morning and heading to your home office down the hall to generate sales doing exactly what you love.

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How to Create A Logical Transition Plan From Day Job to CEO

To take the plunge and turn in your two-weeks notice from a career role you've starred in for many years takes time and planning. To be a successful entrepreneur also takes time and planning. While Second Momentum will fast track your learning skills and open exciting possibilities for your future, being pragmatic will be your best guide. Here you will learn to strike the right balance and plan practically to eliminate some transitional fears. 

How to Stand Out as a Leader in Your Field

You don't have to be an certified expert in any field to stand out as a leader to others. You only need to be a few steps ahead. Your ability to connect with people, to show them something that will solve a problem or fast-track them in the learning process, and your ability to create simple step-by-step training will attract people to you as a leader. You will learn to find your voice and your tribe.

And much more, from start to finish

Meet Your Guide

Hi. I'm Julie, your Guide throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

After 40 years in the retail, entertainment and corporate marketing worlds, I have transitioned into helping other online business owners who desire sharing their knowledge and passion with the world.

I've worked in marketing and business development with contractors, utility companies, radio producers, medical offices, software companies and more to develop marketing programs and processes that excite customers and bring value to the bottom line.

Now I've turned my entire focus on you, the Gen X and baby boomer generations who are ready to try something new in the next half of life. It's my passion to help you succeed because I believe life's too short not to work towards financial and freedom independence in your prime years of life.

Whether you still hold a full-time job, are in-between jobs, or have already retired, I can help you set up and build a business from start to finish. It's time for something different and there's a great big world out there just waiting to learn from your years of knowledge and experience.

Founder & Coach, Second Momentum

Ready to imagine the possibilities and take your first small step?

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